Watch for this BOSCO sign



From Naha Airport

About 60 min. by car (32 km)

By National Highway 58

On the way, you can enjoy Chatan Town, with its American atmosphere symbolic of Okinawa's diverse culture, along with the southern island scenery for which Okinawa is famous.

From the Churaumi Aquarium

About 80 min. by car (66 km)

Through Nago City,

On the way, you can enjoy a meal in Nago and view subtropical forests found only in Okinawa.

Around Mapcode 33 822 730*58


About 70 min. by regularly scheduled bus (37 km)
You can check multiple bus routes by entering the place name or address of your destination on the following bus-route search site.

* If the facility name or facility address is not displayed, enter the nearest bus stop “Ufudo”



About 70 min. by express bus and regularly scheduled bus or taxi (37 km)

Naha Airport ⇄ Hotel Nikko Alivila ⇄ BOSCO
・Buses connect Naha Airport with Hotel Nikko Alivila in both directions.
・The distance from Hotel Nikko Alivila to our facility the property is approximately 3.7km / 7 minutes by car.

Naha Airport → Hotethe Yomitan Bus Terminal → BOSCO
・One-way buses also are available from Naha Airport to the Yomitan Bus Terminal.
The distance from Yomitan Bus Terminal to our facility the property is approximately 2.5km / 5 minutes by car.

* Bus companies' services are subject to change at any time.
* For details, other routes, times, and reservations, check the websites of Okinawa bus companies below.

Schedule, route map (Area B)


The Ryukyu scops owl, which might not seem to fit the image of Okinawa's animals at first, lives in the woods of Okinawa.
It welcomes you as the image of the hotel and a good luck charm.